7 Tips for A Song Writer to Write Hit Songs

If you are into music and love to write or composing music, producing the hits might be one of your dreams. Who does not want to reach that kind of dream? Being a songwriter is indeed something related to your natural talent. However, it does not mean you do not need to improve or try something that you never try before to be a songwriter. So, if you really want to be a songwriter who writes many hits songs, these tips can be helpful for you!

Great Tips to Produce Great Lyrics for Hit Songs

A different person will have a different character in writing the lyrics they want. Of course, it depends on what source of inspiration that leads them to write a song. As you might already be inspired by something, it does not mean you do not need to make it better with the touch of musical things. So, if you really want to know about several things that can help you to get perfect lyrics that suits match into the musical things, here is the list for you!

  • Inspiration of Muse

Of course, one of the most important things is that you have to know your inspiration. It is important to get your own muse so that you can pour your feeling more on your lyrics.  Having muse for your song will make your lyrics more beautiful. The feeling will reach out people’s heart. So, before you write down your song lyrics, it is good to look for your inspiration or muse. It will give you a better result in writing with good feelings.

  • Writing Down All the Lyrics

Once you get inspiration do not forget to write down all the lyrics on your mind. When you write the lyrics, you might probably do not directly get the proper form of your lyrics. You need to fix the stanza and probably change some words to make it more beautiful. At least, by writing down all the lyrics on your mind, you will not forget your first main idea of writing the lyrics.

  • Decide the Tempo

After you get the lyrics, do not forget to turn it from the written text into the music. First, you can start by deciding the tempo. The tempo will help you to deliver the music better. For example, some people choose the slow tempo and consider their songs as a ballad to deliver peaceful and sometimes sadness. That depends on your music preference.

  • Learn and Write the Chords

After deciding the chords, the other thing that is important is that learning and writing which chords will be suitable for your songs. Then, you will get almost perfect song after you write the chords. It will help you to remember the whole song as you might look for the chord part by part.

  • Write the Progression

Some songs use some progression. When you are writing song lyrics of the song and already into your composing part, you really have to consider the progression of the song. Progression will make your song sounds more various in music. It makes people will not get bored easily while listening to your song too. So, you need to consider and write the progression as well.

  • Remember the Bridge

Bridge in a song will bring dynamic of the song. So, it is good to add the bridge in some parts of the song. It can be the sign when your song is about to hit the refrain or the important part of your song. Some people even can use the bridge as the part that can be easily remembered from your song. So, when you write your song, please consider the bridge as well.

  • Try the Whole Songs and Do Corrections

Actually, after you finish to write and to compose the whole song. The next thing to do is by trying the whole songs. Play your song with guitar or piano for the whole song. Then, it will help you to know about how this song sounds like the whole song for the first time. After that, once you hear the song, you probably have a will to do the corrections of some parts of the song. That is good since you can revise your song into something better.

In conclusion, if you want to write and compose a good hit song, you can consider many things related to it. It is not merely about choosing the words but also how you combine the tempo, chords, note, and more things into a good song. With good consideration of choosing words, chords, and many more, it will show people how good the song it. Hopefully, if you also want to be a good songwriter, please consider the tips that mentioned before for better result of the songs.