Music App Free for Smartphone Users

People use their smartphone not only to communicate with the friends or colleague, but also to enjoy entertainment. There are many types of entertainment that you can enjoy on your phone, starting from playing games and listening to music. You need application or program to listen to music on your phone. Some of them require you to pay for subscription fee while the others do not. Here is a list of music app free to use.

  1. iHeart Radio


Many people love to use this music app free for its smart system. Once you log into your account for the first time, the application will tailor a list of son recommendations for you based on your preference and geo location. Of course, you might not be interested in some of the song but you can still look for them manually using the browse feature. This app helps you uncover new songs you may not hear before.

  1. Tidal

It is another example of music app free available for smartphone users. You are not able to search for music utilizing the genres or artists. You have to search the song manually. At the front of its page, the app will have a list of the best 40 tracks based on current users’ choice. You may find your favorite song in the list. The sign up process is totally free and you can even use your social media account to register an account here.

  1. Google Play Music

Every phone user, particularly those who use Android phone will have this application already installed. However, not many people are actually using it. The app allows user to browse songs based on artists, genres, and the titles. Location based song search is also a feature enabled by this app. You will be able to create your own playlist in this application. As expected though, you need to watch ads in order to listen to the music for free.

  1. SoundCloud mp3juice

This is a unique music app free in the sense that it actually provides you an opportunity to enjoy music not only from well-known musician. The app is actually designed in order to provide platform for indie artists and DJ to promote their music in affordable way. When you are using this app to listen to music, you need to take additional steps to find music that will match your taste. You may need to listen to few tracks before finding the right one. The result is worth the extra work, though.