When discussing the phrase “Garena,” you will remember that a large number of Thais, particularly younger people, are familiar with it.

This is because Garena is the name of a series of cashier-generating online games that can be played on both personal computers and mobile devices. superior quality to compete with other offerings on the market To such an extent that players of any age or gender should be willing to embrace Garena’s games until it is only acceptable in the country. Asia

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The name Garena belongs to a massive and well-known gaming conglomerate that operates in Asia. A man named Forrest Li and a group of close friends with the goal of developing a big worldwide play area conceived up the idea in 2009 and put it into motion. Because of this, the name ‘Garena’ was formed by combining two English words: the word ‘Global,’ which refers to the entire world, and the word ‘Arena,’ which refers to a field or other type of arena. was growing at an astounding rate It is the dominant player in the online gaming platform business, as well as the mobile gaming and communication software markets. This is information that is already widely known among Asian players. Despite this, the camp continues to expand, and there is no question that it will be able to become a supplier of online gaming of the highest caliber.

Garena launched Garena+ in 2010, which is a platform for online multiplayer gaming and communication that is based on the internet. Before beginning to offer popular games through their own platforms, such as Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Point Blank, and FIFA Online 3, which have received positive reviews from gamers in Asia, they offered games such as Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Point Blank, and FIFA Online 3. Until the government develops a large number of brand new games across a wide range of categories. consisting of the enhancement of several communication platforms

In terms of communication, the Garena camp presented the TalkTalk system in 2012, which enables cost-free audio and visual real-time communication. This was done in conjunction with the Garena project. Players continue to see VJs hosting programs with the use of this technology. Become familiar with video chat by participating in a number of different game broadcasts and chatting with friends in this medium until it becomes one of the most important channels of communication on Garena. In 2013, Garena made multiple attempts to develop both BeeTalk and a well-known Thai communication tool similar to BeeTalk. In addition, Garena sought to develop BeeTalk. Despite the fact that BeeTalk was eliminated without incident. However, at one time it enjoyed such widespread use that it grew to be regarded as the dating app of choice in a great number of nations.

There are many Garena games that are still played regularly by tens of thousands of people even in this day and age. Its development never stops, and that applies to both the game and the communication technology that Garena offers. to provide impeccable service to the athletes As was to be predicted, the objective was to become the Global Arena, which is a fantastic gaming arena located all over the world.

The players on Garena were completely won over by the utmost smash hit game.

There are currently around 30 games that have been developed by Garena, and almost all of them have received positive feedback from players since since the test system (BETA) or are quite popular. Garena games can be found all over the internet. Because of the recent launch of brand new games, the members of our team are going to walk you through eleven of the most popular Garena games today. It’s possible that there’s a game that has caught your heart in the same way it did mine. If you’re all set, let’s go!

Free Fire

One of the most well-liked mobile games, Free Fire has a sizable online player base that continues to be active. The game will take place in an open world environment and have a third-person tactical and TPS perspective. On the other hand, utilizing many points of view is becoming an increasingly frequent practice. Players are able to play with greater ease, and they also earn more points as a result. Garena The fact that the player takes on the role of a sniper makes the game Free Fire quite engaging. Take up arms and hunt down your foes in order to emerge victorious in the vicious arena and claim the title of unrivaled champion. Communication between players in the form of cooperative effort during gameplay is one of the additional aspects that consumers find addicting about Free Fire. Including a number of developments that enhance the player’s experience to the point where it transforms into a game that gamers of all ages admire.


Another one of Garena’s famous mobile games is called RoV, which stands for Arena of Valor. Despite the fact that the game has been available since 2016, players continue to join up for it. The gameplay is based on a MOBA, which stands for “multiplayer online battle arena,” and it will involve working together with other players to complete the number. while also making plans to attack the enemy stronghold and collect levels In game parlance, this activity is sometimes referred to as “farming,” and its goal is to acquire items that increase the capability of the hero that will be playing in the current game round.

To be successful in RoV, you need to have a solid grasp on the elements of strategy, decision-making, and coordination. Playing the game in the traditional style is just one of the many accessible possibilities; there are other others. The player’s character can always look forward to receiving new outfits in the game, each of which confers a benefit on the player’s avatar. In addition to that, there is always free items being handed out to players. with the charm of a large number of individuals, enticing players to get to know heroes and make effective use of them so that they can win. A number of people have already developed a dependence on RoV before I am even fully aware of it.

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Contra: Return

When the name is mentioned, these are the most well-known and widely played classic games from the 1980s and 1990s. Many people, Contra up included, would lament the loss of the nostalgic atmosphere of the original Famicom game platform. It’s time for the Garena game, so be prompt! Players will be able to move around and shoot in a three-dimensional setting when Contra: Return games, which are based on the style of Run & Gun games, are released. In comparison to the original game, this one offers a more expansive point of view. You will assume the role of a brave soldier serving in the Contra unit, and you will be given a choice of weaponry to use in combat against the Red Falcon’s army of villains and the aliens that are battling the world in order to provide you with an entertaining alternative to using your phone.


If you like survival movies or survival. If you enjoy playing Playerunknown’s battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, then you are going to adore this game. Exciting game of battle royale in which you must progress by defeating your opponents. Both the PC and mobile versions of the game have become extremely popular since the game’s initial release before the end of 2017. has seen a huge surge in its popularity

PUBG Lite did not come into existence until Garena modified the game to accommodate users who wanted the game to run smoothly but did not have a very strong machine. The location and the weapons in the game are extremely realistic, which is a large part of the game’s appeal. is a type of game in which players compete against one another for the chance to remain alive on a map until only one individual or team remains. You have the option of playing alone or with friends. The end effect is a vibrant and thrilling playing experience that provides the feeling that the player is actually racing in the real world. Only one winner can be chosen from among the one hundred people that compete in each round. You (or just your little group) are responsible for staying alive in this ever-shrinking fightground. After that, for dinner eat a very large chicken.

Fans of the fantasy game Blade & Soul should vote for Blade & Soul (BnS), which is an action-packed massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for the PC. The game features an open universe in which players can wander the game’s world to obtain levels for their characters. There is a process that may be used to choose characters from a variety of racial backgrounds. and has complete creative control over the character’s appearance and form Developing a professional path in a variety of different ways

You will have access to no fewer than one hundred different types of weaponry, and you will face a significant number of adversaries who will initiate you into the world of spear and sword warfare. Exceptional combat effects Garena Games provides a server that is in the Thai language specifically to cater to the needs of Thai people. A second well-known online game has seen an explosion in player numbers ever since it entered the Open Beta testing phase. Asia

Heroes of Newearth

Garena’s extra multiplayer online battle arena game, Heroes of Newerth (HoN), features over ninety different characters that players can control. When playing together as a team, there is coordination. Players will be required to coordinate their efforts and apply analysis and strategy in order to destroy the enemy’s base.

The sound of regular attacks will not always be replicated by the game’s effects. These are the talents that have produced the most visually spectacular work ever from the introduction of the game HoN in 2010, all the way up until the present day. There are still users now accessing the service without experiencing any disruptions. In spite of the fact that it has been open to the public for the past decade. The game is continually improved and supplemented with new content.

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Another game that can be played on the Battle Royale computer on Garena is called Ring of Elysium (also known as Ring of Heaven ROE). that you are required to make use of skill Strengthen the skills of the character you’ve chosen to play. In addition, you will need to figure out how to stay alive in a number of dangerous situations, such as engaging in combat with other players via the Multiplayer system or attempting to flee from a setting that is getting smaller and smaller. And you still need to look for items to help you get ready to assault the other players so you can win the game and be the only one left alive. The game will gradually force players to compete against one another and will do so until it reaches a new difficulty level. A mission that must pique the interest of the players each and every time they come into contact with the setting.

Garena is responsible for the development of yet another multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game known as Legends of the League (LoL). Since it was first made available for testing in 2010, the game has steadily risen up the ranks to become widely regarded as one of the very greatest multiplayer online battle arena games in the history of the genre. There are competitors from all over the world competing for the championship and the prize money worth millions of dollars. It will remain the benchmark for other multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBAs) until it becomes the standard itself.

Traditional League of Legends involves coming up with plans to completely wipe out the opposition in order to win. The players have to be able to pick a character that fits in well with the rest of their team. Or have a sufficient level of familiarity with the playing talents of the characters they have chosen to be able to win. Have the ability to think ahead and make plans. includes working along with the other players. Because it is considered a game that combines a variety of exceptional skills in one package, League of Legends has garnered a lot of attention all around the world. Because it is possible to play without becoming bored. There are several different modes that can be utilized. Playing against bots is a good way to pass the time when you’re feeling bored. If you want to advance to a higher level, you can do so by competing in either a level-up match or a rank match on any given day.

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Mobile version of Call of Duty

Garena is responsible for developing the mobile version of the first-person shooter game Call of Duty, which is known as Call of Duty Mobile. in order to make games more playable on mobile devices The player will be able to experience the game from both the first-person and the third-person point of view. Another game that has achieved such widespread success that it necessitates the existence of numerous distinct markets is Call of Duty. personality traits that are distinct Each will possesses its own special abilities. In addition, there are dozens of different weapons to choose from. having a genuine feeling of being fired upon In the vein of battle royale games, there are more types of games in which the primary purpose is to remain alive while facing off against all of the other players.

FIFA Online 4

Garena Games’ FIFA Online is widely regarded as the company’s most popular football game. The game’s aesthetics are both realistic and appealing, and the player trading system can be acquired right away. in addition to amassing points to use in the creation of their very own players. There are numerous kind of in-game currency to choose from. You can exchange real-world cash for virtual currency within the game. Facilitates the quick assembly of a team of exceptional caliber. Or will generate income by paying regular players to take part in the competition. In addition, it is possible to swap players without having to pay any real money by achieving a variety of different goals. Garena gives the game a more realistic feel by collecting players at the end of each match in order to resell them at a profit. Anyone who like soccer should make their very own great team using FIFA Online 4, which is available right now.

Point Blank

Garena’s camp was responsible for the development of an early first-person shooter known as Point Blank. Even though ten years have gone when it first became delightful, that feeling has not changed. The game will split players up into teams and have them battle it out using various weapons till the end of the level. At that time, the team that has amassed the most points will be declared the victor.

A greater number of personal points will be awarded to the winning team as well as the individual who is responsible for the elimination of the most enemies. You can also choose to buy additional game features, such as titles, name tags, or special weaponry with a higher level of power. comparable to game currency As a direct consequence of this, gamers continue to play this game on a consistent basis until they reach the God of War level.

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Garena games are still played by gamers all over the continent despite the fact that there are a large number of popular Garena games, such as Garena Free Fire, FIFA 4, RoV, and hundreds more. Asia However, the winner will only be able to accumulate points with the intention of exchanging them for in-game goodies once they have reached a certain threshold. Not capable of being converted into any real currencies If you have a hobby or interest in gaming, it would be awesome if you could turn it into money that you could utilize in your day-to-day activities.

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